When he opened his eyes again he didn’t know where he was. As soon as his vision adjusted and his senses returned, he realised he was actually back on the beach. Confused but relieved, he got up slowly but was startled by a lady with a surfboard kneeling down next to him. She was tall and beautiful and she asked him his name. To this he replied, “ I do not have one”.

The surfing woman said her name was Alisa and that he must be a very brave chameleon to still be alive. She then said that someone so strong needs a strong name. It was in this moment that she gave him the name Thando. “This is the Zulu word for love”, she said.

Thando thanked the lady and began to rub his head. He winced as he felt his fingers run over a scar. “You were hit by lightning”, said Alisa. “It may hurt a little, but that interesting scar on your forehead has given me a fantastic idea”.