Once they arrived he hopped down from Oliver’s back. He then thanked the ostrich for his help and yelled “Goodbye” as Oliver galloped off into the distance.

From the cliffs the little chameleon could see that Mossel Bay was a beautiful place where rolling waves crashed onto a pretty sand beach underneath an immense blue sky. As he took in its beauty from above, he noticed some movement down by the shore.

He climbed down the rocks and soon discovered a dolphin had been washed onto the beach. It was clearly in distress and needed his help. In the blink of an eye he ran over and grabbed the dolphin’s tail then swiftly but gently dragged him back into the water.

The dolphin inhaled deeply and began to calm down. He said his name was Dori and that the chameleon had saved his life. In return, Dori offered him a ride to one of the most beautiful places in the land, Hermanus.