Online Casino and Australia Gaming

Video games of all sorts are gaining massive popularity in Australia, as shown by the huge success of the inaugural eSports tournament in Melbourne this week. The tournament showed off all of the latest innovations in gaming technology and displayed a level of fanaticism about the game that is threatening to grow into a billion dollar industry.

When the breakthrough comes, it won't just be video games that launch into the stratosphere. It will also be the hardware needed to play the games, the accessories that help fill out the experience. And of course, it will also put a certain focus on games that are outside the mainstream of Australian gaming. In many cases, that will mean the online casino.

While the casino online has never attained full acceptance because of laws restricting where it can be played and by whom, the numbers certainly show a sizable number of players ready to hit the slots at virtually any opportunity. There is also a clear indication that people are looking for more excitement in their gaming. While some find it by adding technological features that turn the games into wild new experiences, others look to the casino for the thrill of playing for real money.

Just as sports betting makes sporting events more interesting because you have skin in the game, a stake on the outcome, so too people who love games of all types might turn to the online casino to add that one part that's missing - the stake.

Why Video Games are So Much Fun

Ever since the first video game was introduced in the 1970s, the inimitable game of tennis featuring a dot traveling from side to side of a screen and two players battling to stop it from reaching their end of the screen. All they could do was move their "racquets" up and down, but it was enough to show people that playing games on screens could be engaging and immersive.

Video games finally conquered the world in the 1980s when home gaming systems reached the mass market. Skip forward a few decades and the games have taken on a complexity the original tennis creators could hardly have dreamed, and even the middle era developers would have been caught off guard by.

With massive multiplayer systems and storylines that go on almost indefinitely, it's hard to not to feel that gaming has reached a level of high tech excellence in its product that can stand up to just about any industry. And it's getting as much attention as any other industry from the people it targets. The games are fun in the most linear sense. They give players an experience that challenges them and forces them to use their ingenuity, not just their reflexes.

It's not often that fun and complexity work well together. But there is no doubt that the games are getting more complex, and judging by the growing and fanatical audience, it's difficult to claim the games are growing less fun. Video games and their growth over the decades proves that fun can not only be captured, it can be transmitted to others as well.

All Alongside Casino Games

As video games emerged as the scourge of parents and educators, they slowly settled into a place of acceptance among the greater society. They were not viewed as a threat to anyone except perhaps the biggest time-wasters in the world.

Alongside the most technologically adept video games grew another pillar of online gaming, the online casino. Here the product quickly developed to a high level and has sat there ever since. There may not be huge conferences for online casino players in Melbourne but there are people playing along at a rate that would likely match that of any other game.

It's because online casino games are fun, but judging how more people prefer to play them for real money than simply for fun, it's possible to conclude that the fun is of an entirely different character. It is about thrills and stakes, anticipation and hope, the ultimate expression of optimism.

The online casino has risen in popularity precisely because it delivers a form of fun that may not be for everyone. But for those who are looking for that particular type of fun, there is really no competition, even with the most popular video game you play just for fun.